rinnai hot water systems review

The Ultimate Rinnai Hot Water Systems Review

There's no doubt about it - when it comes to hot water brands in Australia, Rinnai tends to slide right off the tongue. That's because the brand has been an ever-present and always-impressive market presence for over four decades now, carving out a reputation for quality, reliability, range and price. In the past few years, Rinnai's innovative nature has turned to the environment, as the designers and engineers focus on driving up efficiency and driving down emissions - without letting the state-of-the-art features slide. When it comes to keeping your bath and shower steaming hot, Rinnai hot water systems continue to deliver, and it's now the world's number 1 in compact and convenient continuous flow systems.

But in this Rinnai hot water systems review, we're going to look a little deeper at the product range - because it really is something special.

Rinnai electric hot water systems

Let's start off with Rinnai's tough and original range of tank storage systems, which is the perfect place to look if your existing hot water system needs replacing and has said "enough" and you need a full range of sizes to quickly select from.

The electric range is called 'Hotflo', and rest assured - you'll find the size you need. Although Rinnai is a Japanese company, many of these systems are actually made right here in Australia.

  • From ultra-compact 25 litre that will fit under a bench, to super-sized 400 litre
  • Most Rinnai electric hot water system units are available in either single or twin element.

Rinnai gas hot water

Also under the 'Hotflo' storage tank product range, there may be only two Rinnai gas hot water systems to choose from, but you get a lot for your money.

  • Choose from either 135 or 170 litres
  • Choose from LPG or natural gas
  • Up to 4.7 Star energy rating
  • 8-year warranty
  • Delivers more than 200+ litres in the very first hour.

Rinnai continuous flow hot water

Did you know that the first ever fully-electric instantaneous gas hot water system was a (you guessed it) Rinnai? It's a brand that loves to innovate, but not just for the instant brand kick - to this day, people still love the aptly-named 'Infinity' range, meaning you'll never run out of hot water.

  • Features low-emission burners and water conservation technology
  • There's even a product that doesn't require a power point!
  • 5.6 star efficiency rating

Rinnai solar hot water

Finally, let's take a look at solar - because why wouldn't we take advantage of the Gold Coast's amazing and totally free energy ... from the sun? You won't just be counting the savings, your system's booster will mean you don't run out of water even when the sun is behind a cloud.

  • 'Sunmaster' range available with three technologies - close-coupled, flat plat and evacuated tube. If that's too much jargon, let's put it this way - just about every single home is simply perfect for solar Rinnai hot water systems!
  • 'Prestige' range is the next level, and packs the potential to slash your environmental footprint and your energy bill by an amazing 66% in comparison with a standard storage system.

Do you need a new Rinnai hot water system?

Has your old Rinnai served you well but you suspect it might be on the way out? It's a brand renowned for generous warranties, but it's just a fact that all hot water systems have a certain lifespan and eventually say 'goodbye' and 'goodnight'. Are you having Rinnai electric hot water problems, or is it your gas or solar unit playing up?

You might notice:

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