Rheem Hot Water Systems facts

6 Fast Facts About Rheem Hot Water Systems

"For the hottest of hot, hot water you've ever seen..." Remember that catchy jingle? If you don't, you probably do recall the semi-naked shower scenes that went with these iconic ads from decades past. "Install a Rheem, install a Rheem, install a Rheem" was a convincing pitch in the 80s and 90s, but it's definitely not the only reason this brand became one of the most trusted brands in Australia.

It's been around on the Aussie market since World War II, but what do you really know about this brand that is consistently among the best sellers of hot water systems? In our Rheem hot water systems review that's just a little bit different, we want to show you the other side of one of our favourite hot water brands.

What Rheem hot water systems are on the market?

Firstly, let's just summarise the various ways you can ask In Deep Plumbing to 'Install a Rheem' at your place today:

Efficient gas: Leap straight to the class with 5-star energy efficiency thanks to the ever more popular natural gas or LPG. With Rheem, there's a gas hot water system size that is perfect for your family.

Versatile electric: When you think about Rheem electric hot water systems, you're probably thinking about one of the brand's ever-popular units that you've relied on every day at some point in your past. Now updated with 21st-century technology, it's "hot, hot water" for every budget.

Instant heat: Sick of running out of water? No space for a traditional storage unit? Heat only the water you use with tidy electric or gas hot water systems in the instant or continuous flow category - with 6-star energy efficiency!

Next-level technology: And if 'green' solar floats your boat, or you like the sound of next-generation 'fridge in reverse' heat pump technology, you can slash your carbon footprint for a price you can afford.

Facts About Rheem Hot Water Systems

As the Rheem jingle tells us: "When your old hot water system gives up the ghost / When the old geezer leaves ya / like a piece of cold toast / You don't despair / You take advantage of it, yeah? / Install a Rheem!" As catchy as it is convincing, this jingle has been around for decades - but there's so much more to know about this brand. Read on:

1. Way back in 1936...

We mentioned that Rheem dates back to World War II - but it's even older than that! When brothers Richard and Donald Rheem went into business, they produced steel drums and shipping containers ... all the way back in 1936.

2. A world record breaker

Question: How many manufacturers on planet earth produce heating, cooling, water heating, pool and spa heating and commercial refrigeration products? Answer: Just one ("Install a Rheem!").

3. Aussie steel

When you give your old Rheem electric hot water system a gentle whack, what does it feel like? If you answered 'Aussie steel', you'd be right. BHP steel, to be precise.

4. Hot water and ... beer?

Question: What does hot water have to do with beer? Well, in 1988, the South Australian Brewing Company bought the company, renaming it Southcorp Water Heaters. Southcorp got out of the water heater business in 2002 to focus exclusively on wine.

5. Supporting local plumbers

Now here's one we really love. Did you know that Rheem gives thousands of dollars in grants to hard-working Australian apprentice plumbers every year?

6. A very fast & loud brand

Forget the jingle - where else have you seen that familiar red and white Rheem logo? Do the words 'Broom broom!' help at all? Since 2017, Rheem has been on Scott McLaughlin's DJR Team Penske car - and it obviously helped him win the past three drivers' championships on the trot, too!

Rheem hot water system troubleshooting

Hot water problems? We all experienced it at some point. Diagnosing and fixing the issue is something you need to be done quickly to avoid a cold shower! If you have a fault code or want to relight a pilot light Rheem’s online troubleshooting guide can help.

You can also check our guides for low hot water pressure or leaking hot water systems.

Have you heard enough fast facts about Rheem and all you want to do now is get one installed? At In Deep Plumbing, we'd love to help you out with that, as we only recommend, supply & install Australia's most trusted hot water brands. To match the perfect Rheem with your home, lifestyle and budget, get in touch with the Gold Coast's hot water system experts today.