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6 Overflow Relief Gully Problems You Must Not Ignore

We need to chat about one of the unsung heroes of Australian plumbing - the overflow relief gully. Now, you might not think about it much, and you may not even know it even exists! But when that gully drain is blocked or otherwise having a tough time, rest assured: it will let you know! Maybe it will be water pooling around the drain gully, or strange gurgling sounds, or - even worse! - wastewater making an unwelcome appearance in your bathroom or laundry.

Understanding your home's overflow gully system

But wait: do you even know what that overflow drainage gully looks like? You can spot it outside, close to the bathroom, laundry or other wet areas - look for a round grated drain at ground level. And what is that overflow gully, exactly? Think of it as a safeguard for your home and plumbing against sewage backup, with the grate - sometimes marked 'ORG' - keeping debris out.

And what does that sewer gully do? Well, the plumbing gully is connected to the wastewater or sewer line - most of the time doing nothing at all. But instead of your plumbing system allowing sewage to back up into your house through the toilets or drains, the overflow gully drain acts as a release valve. That means that if overflow occurs, it safely escapes through the relief gully - leaving only a little bit of mess in the yard.

How to navigate overflow gully challenges

Having problems with your overflow gully plumbing? It's probably something like:

1. A blocked gully drain

A blocked overflow relief gully is the most common problem - there's no doubt about it. And with a bit of luck, you might be able to clear a minor blockage with a bit of elbow grease and a plunger. However, deep or persistent blockages will need a blocked drain plumber's expertise and drain cleaning tools to identify and remove the obstruction without damaging the pipes.

2. A broken or missing grate

If you can locate exactly the right type and fit, you might be able to replace that broken or missing grate yourself. But ensuring the right fit and ensuring it's properly installed is crucial for safety and effectiveness.

3. Incorrect installation or level

So that your overflow relief gully can work properly to prevent sewage backup, it needs to be installed and levelled perfectly. The level is particularly crucial because it needs to be lower than other drains in the home to ensure it's the first point of release for any overflow.

4. Cracked or damaged relief gully

Cracks or damage are a big deal with your relief gully because it means less effective diversion of the overflow away from the interior of the home.

5. Regular overflow issues

Is your overflow relief gully overflowing ... a lot? If your relief gully is regularly releasing overflow, at least you know it's working correctly! But it is also a sure sign that something isn't quite right with your home's plumbing system because wastewater should only be released through the gully occasionally. Your plumber will be able to diagnose the root problem and put it right for good.

6. Sewage smell

A noticeable or persistent sewage smell is a pretty good indication that the relief gully could be dry. It needs a water seal - a small amount of water at the bottom of the gully - to prevent those stinky sewer gases from escaping into your nostrils. You can try pouring a little water down there, but you'll need a plumber if that doesn't work.

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When to call the Pros for overflow gully care

Starting to get your head around the ins and outs of overflow relief gullies? They're vital for your home's plumbing health, so watch out for those signs and symptoms when they're not working quite right. And if something needs a professional touch, you need a team you can trust - and that's us, right here at In Deep Plumbing Gold Coast. We're the Gold Coast's experts in all plumbing solutions, providing everything from routine maintenance to tackling the most complex of plumbing issues. Get in touch with our friendly crew today for expert advice, top-notch service and a $0 call-out fee!

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