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3 Professional Drain Cleaning Tools For Every Blockage

What they do might seem simple and frivolous, but stop just for a moment and consider just how amazing the drains at your property are. In fact, you could certainly mount an argument that the seamless and healthy management of wastewater was an even more significant human achievement than antibiotics, the combustion engine, anaesthetic and the internet. But just like all of those great human achievements, even your humble drains fail too. And when they do, we can thank our greatest innovators for the most powerful and professional of all the various drain cleaning tools.

  • Got a leak?
  • Water pooling or flooding?
  • Toilet water rising?
  • Sinks that are slow to drain?
  • Foul drain smell?
  • Gurgling sounds?
  • Flooding or sinkholes in the garden?

In most of these cases, you'll quickly conclude that you're experiencing a blocked drain - and start reaching for a well-used tool used to unblock drains.

Things like:

  • Gloves: Make sure they're made of rubber, and marvel at how much built-up gunk & debris that you can pull out by hand.
  • Plunger: Ensure it's the right size to create a tight seal over the drain, and pump away!
  • Wire: A straightened out coat hanger works a treat for a spot of shallow drain fishing!
  • Drain snake: Pop to the hardware store with little more than pocket-change, and you can reach quite a lot way down that drain with a powerful coiled drain snake.
  • Chemicals: From pure boiled water to pantry ingredients like baking soda and vinegar all the way through to supermarket drain cleaning chemicals, there are plenty of DIY drain unblocking tools to get the job done.

However, while a simple drain cleaning tool might be enough for a shallow, simple or partial blockage, it's just a fact that you may still have to reach for the number of your favourite local Gold Coast plumber!

That's because some blocked drains are the result of:

  • Particularly compact, caked-on & complex debris blockages
  • Large and tightly-lodged single-object blockages
  • Tree root incursions
  • Drain/pipe overload
  • Sloping pipes or other installation issues
  • Pipe scaling
  • Physical damage including cracking & collapse.

In yet more cases that are unfortunately all too commonly reported by experienced blocked drain plumbers, the blockage is due to a multitude of compounding factors. And sometimes, the cause is so deeply hidden within your complex network of plumbing pipes & drains that even the most skilled professional will have trouble locating it, let alone putting it right.

That's why the best plumbers always have the very best, most expensive, cutting edge and heaviest-duty drain pipe cleaner tools in their arsenal - because no blockage is so serious that a great plumber shouldn't be able to diagnose it with pin-point accuracy, and put it right in a timely manner.

Gold Coast's very best plumbers use these pro drain blockage tools:

1. Ultra high-pressure water/hydro jetters

Think of it like your garden hose ... on rocket fuel! While your hose turned on to the max will struggle to blast bird poo off your car, the hydro-jetter is so powerful it won't just make light work of a blockage located deep within a pipe, it will comprehensively scour the pipes as well. Once those deposits and hard-water minerals are blasted away with hot water moving at incredible speeds, those pipes won't just be clear - they'll be resistant to more blockages for a long, long time.

2. Motorised drain augers

Forget that hardware-store drain snake, because that's just the mini version of the real deal. Powered by a motor, the heavy duty drain auger - when used in skilful, experienced hands - snakes a long, long way down and into your plumbing system, and positively drills into and through the toughest of clogs.

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3. Drain inspection camera technology

While this cutting-edge CCTV drain inspection camera won't actually unclog or clean your drains, it puts your skilled plumber's sharp eyes and ears into the places they cannot physically go - the darkest, deepest corners of your pipe network. It's basically a camera mounted on fibre-optic cable, but the 360-degree images are crisp, clear and precise enough to diagnose a plumbing problem with military precision.

In Deep Plumbing always carry the best drain unblocking tools

So when your rubber gloves, plunger and bi-carb prove hopeless against a stubborn, complex drain blockage or plumbing problem, it's always good to know the professionals are always just around the corner with the heaviest-duty drain blockage tools. In Deep Plumbing are the Gold Coast's trusted masters for fast, cost-effective drainage solutions backed by our fixed pricing policy and lifetime labour guarantee, so if your clogged drains have got you down, give us a shout today.