Stormwater maintenance tips

Your 6-Step Plan For DIY Stormwater Maintenance

You certainly don't need us to tell you that Queensland, whilst also boasting some of the reliably best weather on Planet Earth, also gets battered by Mother Nature as well. The latest damage bill caused by thunderstorms and literally thousands of millimetres of rain at the time this article was being written is still being added to, let alone tallied.

It's a stark reminder that help is not always on the way - meaning that in the absence of the professionals, the responsibility for stormwater maintenance is all yours.

Never forget: There's a direct and undeniable link between neglected stormwater drain maintenance and the potential for utter devastation to your Queensland home. In the face of nature's wrath, proactive measures are therefore your first line of defence.

The simple act of stormwater maintenance

Just a little bit of regular and simple stormwater maintenance can be the difference between a dry home and a private disaster zone! Gold Coast Blocked drains are often the culprits behind property devastation during heavy rains, because when stormwater systems are neglected, debris can accumulate, leading to partial or total clogs that prevent water from draining away from your property. The result of not preventing blocked drains? We're talking flooding, structural damage, and even the perfect breeding ground for pests and diseases.

DIY measures to keep your stormwater systems flowing

When the skies open up with a fury, full of thunderbolts and lightning that is very, very frightening, it's simply too late to start worrying about maintenance. So here are the easy, do-it-yourself steps you can take to ensure your stormwater systems are ready to handle whatever Mother Nature throws their way:

1. Regular inspections

At least twice a year, when the sun is beautifully shining, take a stroll around your property. Check for any signs of blockage or damage in your stormwater drains and gutters.

Look out in particular for overflowing water, visible debris, cracks, or any unusual seepage that could indicate a problem waiting to escalate.

2. Keep gutters clean

Leaves, twigs, and just general debris are the enemies of efficient drainage. Cleaning your gutters regularly prevents blockages that can lead to water backing up and damaging your property.

Use that ladder carefully, removing debris with a gloved hand or a gutter scoop. Then flush those gutters with the garden hose to check for proper flow and to uncover any hidden clogs.

3. Install gutter guards

Gutter guards can be a cheap but great investment, reducing the amount of debris that enters your drainage system.

When selecting your guards, consider the type that best suits your home's surroundings - which could be mesh screens for smaller debris, or foam inserts for larger leaves, ensuring optimal performance and minimal maintenance.

4. Test drainage

Every now and then, run water through your drains to ensure it all keeps flowing easily and freely. It's a great way to identify blockages early - before they devastate your home once the clouds turn angry!

5. Watch your landscaping

Be super-mindful of where you plant those trees and shrubs. Remember, healthy and thriving roots can find their way into your critical pipes, causing blockages and even extreme damage.

Do your research to choose locations and plant types that minimise the risk to your underground pipes, ensuring a safe distance from critical infrastructure whilst tending towards root-friendly species.

6. Seek help for those big jobs

If you notice issues that are beyond the do-it-yourself simple fix, don't hesitate to call in the professionals.

When to call in those stormwater experts?

While there's a lot you can do on your own, there are times when only professional stormwater maintenance will suffice. In Deep Plumbing puts years of experience, licensed credentials, and the very best in specialised equipment to the table. From servicing and repairs to implementing new stormwater systems or modifying old ones to better withstand Queensland's weather extremes, professional intervention with In Deep Plumbing's assistance can save you a big headache in the future.

Our professional services can include:

What have we learned? Take action today!

In the normally-beautiful but often-angry Gold Coast and wider Queensland weather, stormwater maintenance isn't just good advice - it's absolutely essential. Taking proactive steps to ensure your stormwater systems are in top condition can save you from the devastating impact of blocked drains and flooding.

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