Fast and Reliable Gold Coast Blocked Toilet Repair

Every homeowner understands the universal feeling of dread that comes with a toilet malfunction or blockage. Whether you are experiencing water overflowing or you simply notice something not quite right with the toilet, the experts at In Deep Plumbing can help.

Our technicians specialise in blocked toilet repair and replacement services Gold Coast, QLD homeowners can count on. When you call us for a quick repair, we will carefully assess the problem and present the most effective solution to get the job done.

clogged toilet repair services

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What Causes Blocked Toilets?

With over 20 years of experience, we have seen a variety of blocked toilet problems. However, pretty much every blockage can be sorted into one of these two categories:

Simple Blockages: These issues are often caused by organic material blocking the toilet. They are also caused by using too much toilet paper or flushing non-water-soluble items such as diapers or paper towels.

Foreign Objects: These are often caused by children who love to experiment and flush toys down the toilet. Other common objects we find in the toilet include toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, mobile phones, and more!

Yes, this video is from a blocked toilet call we attended on the Gold Coast, in the middle of the night!

Signs You Should Replace Your Toilet

Many homeowners will use the same toilet in the home for decades without ever replacing it. In many cases, the saying, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” often applies. However, there are many reasons why a homeowner would choose to replace their toilet. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • If the toilet is constantly getting blocked and requiring repairs, replacing it will save you money in the long run.
  • Cracked or damaged porcelain is another reason to replace the toilet immediately.
  • A toilet that is constantly running and wasting water should also be replaced.
  • If your current toilet is old and worn out, you should consider installing a new water-conserving or dual flush unit to save water and improve efficiency.

Talk to your toilet experts at In Deep Plumbing for more information on replacing an old or worn out toilet in your home.

Our qualified toilet specialists can help repair or replace your toilet depending on your unique needs. For all your blocked toilet repair and installation services in Gold Coast, QLD call 0403 293 137 today and schedule an appointment.