Licenced Gas Leak Detection Services Gold Coast

Do you smell gas in your home? Are your gas appliances acting up or not working? Gas leaks are a dangerous plumbing emergency that requires immediate gas leak detection and repair. From gases like natural, propane butane, and methane, Gold Coast, QLD homeowners can count on the experts at In Deep Plumbing for fast and reliable gas leak detection.

With over 20 years experience, we know exactly what to look for during a gas leak emergency. Our licenced Gold Coast gas fitters work quickly and efficiently to provide comprehensive leak detection and repair options designed to protect your property and keep your family safe.

gas leak detection services

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Signs You May Have a Gas Leak

Gas is an odorless, colorless fume that is next to impossible to detect. It’s for this reason that gas companies put additives in the gas to give it a distinct smell during a leak.

Here are a few signs you should look for that could point to a gas leak:

Smelling Rotten Eggs: The additives in gas have a strong sulfuric smell, which often translates to rotten eggs.

Hissing Sounds: Rips or tears in the gas line will cause a hissing sound as the gas escapes the line.

Dead Grass: If a patch of vegetation in your yard is dying, it could be from gas leaking underground.

Other signs that you have a gas leak include noticing that your gas appliances are not working properly. If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call the gas company and the experts at In Deep Plumbing right away for a fast and effective repair.

What Causes Gas Leaks?

There are many issues that contribute to gas line leaks. In many cases, leaks are completely unavoidable. Some of the most common factors that cause gas line leaks include:

  • Damage to the line as the result of another repair or installation.
  • Wear and tear to the line.
  • Damage from incorrectly installed components.
  • Damage from dust particles floating through the air rubbing against the line.
  • Damage caused by major weather events or a natural disaster.

Call our emergency plumbers as soon as you suspect a gas line leak in your home. For fast and reliable service in Gold Coast, QLD call 0403 293 137 today and speak with one of our gas line leak detection experts.