how long does hot water system take to heat up

How Long Different Hot Water Systems Take To Heat Up

Understanding the heat-up times of 5 hot water system technologies

Have you ever found yourself standing there in your birthday suit wondering 'How long does a hot water system take to heat up, already!?' If that question has led you here, you've definitely arrived at the right place, thanks to In Deep Plumbing - the best and most affordable Gold Coast hot water plumbers! We've designed our guide to be the only resource you need, so we need to be honest with you - there isn't a quick, one-size-fits-all answer.

Why's that? Well, it's because of all the different kinds of hot water systems - and the energy sources that power them - that are out there, installed over multiple decades all the way up to the present day. So let's break down what you need to know as simply as we possibly can:

How long does hot water system take to heat up?

So, how long does it take for a hot water tank to heat up? And why does it require more than a simple one-sentence explanation? Let's dive in:

1. Electric hot water tanks

Let's try to answer a straight question: "How long does it take for an electric hot water tank to heat up?" Well, it can vary!

Generally, it takes about 1-2 hours for a fully drained 150-or-so litre tank to heat up to the thermostat setting.

NORMAL: We're talking 1-2 hours based on the electric element's heating capacity.

POTENTIAL ISSUE: If it takes significantly longer than that, it might indicate an issue with the heating element or thermostat.

2. Gas water heaters

But if you're asking "How long does a gas water heater take to heat up?", the answer can be simple: "Less time than electric ones!" We're talking around half an hour to an hour for an average 150-litre tank.

NORMAL: Gas burns hotter, hence the faster heating.

POTENTIAL ISSUE: Delays might suggest burner issues (like the pilot light is not re-lighted) or vent blockages.

3. Instantaneous or tankless systems

However, are you one of those people wondering: "How long does it take for hot water to heat up with a tankless system?" Well, these units are designed to provide hot water on demand - so the wait time should be almost completely non-existent!

NORMAL: Hot water should be almost immediate.

POTENTIAL ISSUE: If it's delayed, there could be problems with the energy supply, the heating element, the flow sensors, or mineral build-up.

4. Solar water heaters

"How long does a hot water system take to heat up when it's solar-powered?", you may be asking. This depends to a major degree on the availability of sunlight, but - generally - water in the storage tank is heated throughout the day.

NORMAL: Expect easy hot water availability in the evening.

POTENTIAL ISSUE: Inadequate heating may indicate insufficient sunlight exposure, but it could also be a collector issue.

5. Heat pump water heaters

"How long does an electric hot water system take to heat up with a heat pump?" We know you're asking it, so here's the answer! These systems use ambient air, so heating times can be similar to an electric tank but with superior efficiency.

NORMAL: Within 1-2 hours, you should have full heat-up.

POTENTIAL ISSUE: Longer heat-up times might suggest problems with the air intake or the pump system.

Still asking 'How long does a hot water tank take to heat up?' If you've got to this point with no insight into what's wrong with your hot water system at its particular age and condition, we're going to need to diagnose some deeper or more complex potential issues - or set some realistic expectations for your system's performance and consider a hot water system upgrade.

How long does hot water tank take to heat up?: Go even deeper

Gas or electric, tank or tankless, heat pump or solar and beyond - it's crucial to recognise and understand the factors influencing your hot water system's heat-up time. Are you suffering through unusually long wait times for hot water? It's probably a sign that something isn't quite right.

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