Trusted 24-Hour Emergency Plumbing Gold Coast Homeowners Can Count On

If you have ever experienced an emergency plumbing situation like a burst pipe or overflowing toilet, you’ll understand the familiar helplessness that comes with not knowing who to call or how to handle the situation.

For homeowners looking for 24-hour plumbing services in Gold Coast, QLD, there is only one major reliable plumber who can get the job done: In Deep Plumbing has been helping area homeowners as a trusted emergency plumber for over 20 years.

24 hour emergency plumber gold coast

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We Handle All Your Gold Coast Plumbing Emergencies

When faced with a plumbing emergency you need a 24 hour plumber that is highly experienced and qualified to confidently tackle any situation, fast. Count on our local Gold Coast plumbers for:

These plumbing emergencies have the potential to cause significant damage to your home or business. If you discover serious plumbing problems, we recommend calling a 24 hour emergency plumber as soon as possible!

How to Prevent Blocked Toilet Emergencies

One of the most common plumbing emergencies we deal with is blocked toilets. This issue is often the result of non-water soluble items stuck in the toilet or foreign object blocking the pipe. Some of the most effective ways to prevent blocked toilet emergencies in your home include:

  • Place a bin near the toilet for non-water soluble items like diapers and personal hygiene products.
  • Install a childproof lock on the toilet seat to keep children from flushing toys and other foreign objects.
  • Use thinner toilet paper if you can.
  • Use less toilet paper when possible.
  • Flush twice when needed.
  • If the toilet is constantly getting blocked, consider a replacement to solve the problem for good.

What to Do in the Event of a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are a serious plumbing emergency that requires immediate help from a professional. Gas is a toxic fume that is harmful to humans, which is why it’s important to take action as soon as you suspect a leak. Take the following steps if you suspect a gas leak in your home:

  • Call the gas company and let them know what is happening so they can turn off the gas to your home.
  • Call In Deep Plumbing for an emergency gas leak detection and repair.
  • While you are waiting for us to arrive, open the windows and air out the home.
  • Make sure your gas appliances are all turned off.
  • Evacuate your home and wait for us to arrive.
  • Do not turn the car on if it is parked near the house.

By taking precautions and following these steps, we can quickly and safely resolve your gas line problems.

Need an emergency plumber in the Gold Coast region?

There is no job too big or too small for our emergency plumbers. Our team are Master Plumbers Association of Queensland members and ready to respond when you need it most, anywhere on the Gold Coast.

Our trustworthy Gold Coast plumbers are on-call 24/7 to protect your home and family from dangerous and inconvenient plumbing emergencies. For fast emergency repair, call 0403 293 137 today and speak with an expert.