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The 7 Most Common Hot Water System Problems

How often do you think about your hot water system? If your answer is 'Only when I'm having hot water problems', then you're not alone. Most of us don't realise how important hot water is in a smooth-running household until it's gone stone cold. But the truth is that, just like every other human-made invention, hot water systems give up the ghost more often than you would like.

Do your hot water system problems require assistance from In Deep Plumbing? Let's run through some of the most common reasons your hot water is not working as it should, and whether you can do something about it yourself or if you need professional help:

Hot water system not working? Here are the 7 most common problems

1. Not enough hot water?

Is your bath half full ... and half cold? It could be that your thermostat is on the blink, as in Australia, the water should be up to 50 degrees at the tap or showerhead outlet. Fiddling with the thermostats yourself is highly discouraged, as you risk voiding warranties, hot water system damage, electrocution, scalding and even breaking the law.

2. Stinky water?

Is the water hot ... but it smells? This rotten-egg phenomenon is quite common, and it's normally due to a bacteria infestation. The answer? Get your local plumber out for a serious-yet-simple tank flush.

3. Noisy system?

Believe it or not, a noisy hot water system could actually be sediment that has collected near the element. As above, a flush can often fix hot water system problems like this. But the element itself might also be on the way out, particularly if you've noticed temperature inconsistencies as well. You should also check if your hot water anode needs replacement as this might be the cause of the build-up.

4. Leaky tank?

Unfortunately, this problem is not good news - in most cases, if your hot water is not working and the system itself is leaking, it's probably not possible to fix. However, it could just be a valve. You can check some tips on how to diagnose a leaking hot water system and give your friendly plumber a call for advice and replacement options.

5. Low pressure?

When you turn on the hot tap lately, have you noticed the pressure getting steadily lower? This really is among the most common hot water problems, and there are several different potential causes for low hot water pressure: valves, the pressure regulator and a concealed leak being among the most often seen.

6. Slow to heat?

We all know the frustration of standing there in our birthday suits waiting for the shower to heat up, but if your goosebumps are waiting longer and longer over the space of a few weeks, your system is in need of some love - or a full replacement.

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7. Cold last shower

Have you ever been the last in your family to get a shower - and it's stone-cold? This may be one of life's hot water problems, but it's not necessarily one of life's hot water system problems! Chances are, your tank is simply too small for your family or usage.

At In Deep Plumbing, we know how to fix hot water systems just like yours! We also handle replacements and installation using only the best brands and the latest hot water technologies, and we guarantee superb workmanship - and a great price including no call-out fee! Get in touch today for advice and friendly service.