Dux Hot Water Systems review

4 Reasons To Love Dux Hot Water Systems

What's more important to you when you're browsing hot water brands:

  • 100% Australian-made?
  • Seriously affordable? OR
  • Packed out with all the latest and most innovative technology?

With Dux hot water systems, you don't need to choose, they tick all the boxes. In this Dux hot water system review we'll go into the reasons and share 4 interesting facts about this company.

In just about every way, Dux tops the tables. It's a company with humble beginnings and true heritage; it's high in the ratings of the top comparison service Canstar Blue; the range is huge; energy efficiency is higher than most rivals; warranties are a whopping 10 years, and small Dux electric hot water systems pricing starts from an amazing $350.

What's not to love about Dux?

Well, In Deep Plumbing's Dux hot water systems review is not going to tell you a lot of downsides to choosing from the impressive range of Aussie-made Dux hot water systems. So we thought we'd go through some really cool and genuinely fascinating facts about this iconic and reputable brand that we think will make you choose a Dux at the finish line, especially if you're upgrading or replacing another hot water system. Is it time to step up to Dux? Here at In Deep Plumbing, we certainly think so.

4 fast and fascinating facts about Dux hot water systems

1. Since 1915

We all know that the Great War was raging in 1915. But did you know that in that very same year, Dux hit the market as a small Australian family business? Over 100 years later, literally, billions of litres of steaming hot water have been delivered to homes thanks to innovative products all produced in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. That's impressive.

2. Every preference

Whether you love traditional electric systems, prefer the benefits of gas, want your water to never run out with continuous flow, or are going green with an innovative and sustainable heat pump or solar technology, Dux does it all - no matter your preference.

3. Green Tech Patents

Any company claiming to be truly innovative and based on the notion of research and development need to prove it - and the easiest way to do that is to hold patented technology. Two of the more impressive patents held by Dux are in 'green' technologies that are clearly the future of hot water. Dux's cutting-edge 'Airoheat' heat pump system, for instance, is extremely innovative, cheap to run, and operates with a tiny environmental impact.

4. HIA Awards

Impressive patents are one thing, but awards are quite another. Well, let us introduce you to the revolutionary Dux 'ReadyHot' water recirculation system. The what? What it does is successfully recirculate cooled water from the hot water pipes, then sends that cooled water back through the system until it's steaming hot and ready for you to turn on the tap. The sustainable and ingenious system won the national HIA GreenSmart Product of the Year award. Bravo!

Dux hot water system review - Let us install your Dux!

But the absolute best thing about Dux hot water systems is that In Deep Plumbing can install one at your place today! With over 20 years of local experience in Gold Coast's hot water and plumbing game, our reputation means that we simply won't be beaten for the price - so if you've received a genuine quote, show it to us and we'll get it done for less! Our friendly Gold Coast plumbing team is standing by to help you choose the perfect system, brand, technology type and model for your lifestyle and budget, so why not get in touch right now?