Aquamax Hot Water Systems review

AquaMax Hot Water Systems Reviewed

"We've just installed an AquaMax." It's a phrase that more and more Australians are hearing - because more and more plumbers are recommending this great Australian brand to discerning clients just like you. Ok, so AquaMax hot water systems don't enjoy the big brand reputation and the catchy jingle that some of its more established competitors have, but in many ways, that's the beauty of AquaMax.

What you get is one of the newer and more exciting brands on the market - a truly Australian company that is steadily climbing the rankings of Australia's top consumer review and comparison service, Canstar Blue. For effectiveness, reliability, value for money, after-sales service, quietness and ease of use, Aquamax already has a four-star overall rating - equal to market leader Rheem and higher than Dux and Bosch. Impressive, huh? That's not the half of it.

AquaMax hot water systems review - Discover this great Aussie brand

Like those other - and more recognisable - top brands, you can get an Aquamax in pretty much whatever variety that suits your needs and preferences. AquaMax hot water systems are highly popular and regularly installed by our Gold Coast plumbers. Those preferring affordable gas, continuous flow or solar units will also be happy. Want something light, green and easy to maintain, or super-long lasting in premium stainless steel? AquaMax have you covered as well, with systems starting at about $400. Yes, $400.

What AquaMax really needs, though, is a brand boost. Sure, that red, blue and green logo can be spotted on more and more AquaMax hot water systems all over Australia - but what really makes this brand tick? What will convince you to take a punt on one of Australia's increasingly popular brands?

6 fascinating facts about AquaMax hot water systems

1. 1988

Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel'. The movie 'Die Hard'. TV's 'The Wonder Years'. AquaMax. What do they all have in common? The world was introduced to them in ... 1988.

2. Melbourne

That's right: it was in 1988 that the AquaMax factory turned on for the first time - right here in Australia. Since then, what started as a small business has now sold over half a million AquaMax electric hot water systems, all produced out of Moorabbin, Victoria.

3. Australian first

And they're not just Australian - they're Australian record-setters. AquaMax was the first Australian company to ever get a hot water system on the market with a 5-Star energy rating and a ten-year warranty. Not bad, right?

4. Rheem

Canstar Blue declares that for effectiveness, reliability and ease of use, AquaMax actually outpaces that very well known hot water brand Rheem. So it's no wonder that Australia's market leader decided to buy AquaMax in 2009.

5. Stainless steel

Sure, you can pick up a very affordable and effective AquaMax system made of mild steel vitreous enamel. But if you step it up a notch and go for a premium stainless steel version, you really can sit back and relax. These units do not include a sacrificial anode to prevent corrosion, meaning that anode inspections and replacements are not needed - ever! And non-anode units also deliver purer water to your kitchen and bathroom.

6. 5-Star

Fancy a gas stainless steel hot water system from the AquaMax range? Then we have some really great news for you - every single model in the range has a 5-Star energy rating at least. In fact, the company claims that, on average, AquaMax hot water systems surpass government standards by a huge 27%.


Are you as impressed with AquaMax as we are? The only thing left to do is give In Deep Plumbing a call and we'll run you through your options for getting an affordable new AquaMax system up and running at your place - or one of the other great hot water system brands that we recommend and install (Rheem, Dux, Rinnai, Vulcan, Therman) all across the Gold Coast and beyond. No matter your needs, budget, lifestyle or preferences, there's a Gold Coast hot water system for you. With our 20+ years of experience, In Deep Plumbing knows how to make your hot water work for you. Give us a call!