gas or electric hot water systems

Gas VS Electric Hot Water Systems

When your hot water system goes bang, there's only one way you'll feel: annoyed. But when it comes to what do to next, you'll be faced with a choice - is it wise to stick with what you've got, or is it time to rethink the way in which you get that steaming hot water out of your pipes and into your bath. In other words: should you choose a gas or electric hot water system?

It's the two big options among the types of hot water systems that most people don't have an educated view about. But we do! Here at In Deep Plumbing, we want to explore your choice as you consider either gas or electric hot water for your home or premises.

How to make your gas vs electric hot water decision

Did you know that heating up your hot water accounts for a massive 21% of the average household's power bill? Add water expenses on top of that, and you can see that it's not a frivolous 'option A versus option B' choice.

So how can you get it right?

Well, that all depends on where you live, how your family uses its water, and various other factors that the hot water system experts at In Deep Plumbing can help you out with.

But as you consider your gas vs electric water heater options, here are 3 things to think about on either side of the equation.

Electric hot water - 3 factors to consider

Still the most common choice around Australia, most hot water systems work on the principle that an element uses electricity to heat up your water that is stored in a tank.

1. They're popular

If money's tight, you can get a replacement electric hot water system up and running for a good price. That is despite the fact that the politics of the moment are more likely to promote 'greener' alternatives.

2. There are more efficient options

So as time goes on, more and more efficient technology hits the market - even though modern electric systems are becoming more efficient with every iteration. Time-of-use tariffs also mean that heating your water overnight is cheaper than in the day. There are also new instant electric hot water units that have become available to match efficiency however you normally need to have 3 phase power to make them work well. Most homes have single phase power, so these unit are more suited to commercial or industrial premises.

3. Electric is easy

Nonetheless, the up-front price of an electric system, the ease of installation, the low replacement cost and the tried-and-tested technology means that these units are here to stay.

Gas hot water - 3 factors to consider

But what about gas? Here are 3 factors to consider that may swing your decision in favour of a gas hot water system.

1. They're cost-effective

A gas vs electric water heater is about the same price - but it's just a fact that gas is cheaper than electricity. That means lower running costs and smaller bills, and no need to think about those time-of-use power tariffs. However, if you need to use a bottle, don't forget that gas runs out!

2. They're more expensive

As we said, although the ticket price for gas or electric hot water systems is basically the same, it's the gas systems that are normally a little more pricey. If you are converting from electric to gas then there may be additional costs to install new gas pipes. But another pro is that gas units are a tad smaller.

3. They're efficient

Many plumbers will tell you that when considering gas vs electric hot water, the choice is pretty much yours. But there's no doubt that electricity is more culturally and politically problematic at present, while gas is simply more energy efficient.

Gas or electric - So who wins?

As with every big choice, it's important to weigh up your options - and our local Gold Coast plumbing specialists are standing by right now to help guide your choice.

Some other quick considerations to tell the In Deep team:

  • What power sources are available at your property?
  • How big is your family and how do they use hot water?
  • How much space do you have for your hot water system?

It's also worth considering heat pump technology, which is a more efficient 'hybrid' electricity-powered option. And if you've got the ability to pay for a panel array, is it finally time to switch to solar?

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