Primary Benefits of Low-Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets

Is your toilet on the way out? Are you tired of wasting unnecessary amounts of water with every flush? If a bathroom renovation isn’t in the plan for 2017, at least consider a toilet upgrade to a low-flow or dual-flush unit.

These new toilets are quickly becoming the standard in Australia, with many homeowners have made the switch in the past five years. Here are some reasons why you should transition to a more efficient toilet today:

Low-Flow Toilets are More Environmentally Friendly and Efficient than Traditional Toilets

Every time we flush the toilet, precious tap water gets flushed away with the waste. As water conservation starts to move the forefront of everyone’s mind, we start to realize that more must be done to conserve and protect our water sources. Enter the low-flow toilet.

These toilets use half the amount of water used by a traditional toilet. Conserving 50% more water means that you are spending less on utility bills while making sure your home is greener overall.

By Switching to a Low-Flow Toilet, You May be Able to Take Advantage of Energy-Efficient Rebates

Many manufacturers and government programs offer rebates for buyers who switch to an energy-efficient low-flow toilet. In Australia, we use the WELS scheme to rate energy-efficient plumbing appliances. This stands for Water Efficiency Labeling Standards.

When purchasing your low-flow toilet, look for a unit with at least a 3-star rating. Before deciding on your new low-flow toilet, ask about the various rebate options available to take advantage of even more savings.

Dual-Flush Toilets are Even Better at Conserving Water

If you want the gold standard in water conservation, consider a dual flush toilet. These units save even more water than low-flow models because there are two flushing options available.

On the top or side of the tank, you will notice two buttons that allow for a half flush or full flush depending on your specific needs. Since individuals have more options with a dual flush unit, you will notice even more savings and conserve even more water.

Is Your Toilet From the Pre-1990’s? It’s Time to Replace it

Toilets that have been installed prior to the 1990s are getting to be the age where replacement is not just an option it’s a requirement. These toilets are experiencing wear and tear that makes them less efficient and cost more to operate.

Not to mention the fact that they use significantly more water than newer models. Investing in a new toilet is a relatively small cost when you consider the endless benefits it will bring.

For advice and recommendations on replacing your traditional toilet with new dual flush or low-flow unit, call In Deep Plumbing today at 0403 293 137. Our experts in Mermaid Waters, QLD can help with all your water conservation needs.