toilet won't flush

Why Won't My Toilet Flush?: 6 Easy Solutions

If you've been in this embarrassing situation before, we truly feel your pain. Here's the scenario: You do what you need to do, you reach for that flush button and - woe of all woes - the toilet won't flush. Nightmare.

After having a quick panic session, and screaming out "My toilet won't flush" a few hundred times out loud, it's time to figure out what to do.

How to fix a toilet that won't flush

1. Do a manual flush

Before you do anything else - even opening up the cistern lid to take a peek at your toilet's inner workings, you probably should do a manual flush straight away. Simply grab a bucket, fill it up with water, and pour it straight into the bowl in one big rush of water.


2. Is it blocked?

Oh dear: If the emergency-bucket-of-water-flush didn't work, and all you did was add more mess to the already messy situation, there may actually be nothing wrong with the flusher at all. Rather, you could have a blocked toilet.

The best DIY method to clear it is to use a plunger or a toilet auger - otherwise known as a drain snake.

3. It's probably the flapper

But if the emergency bucket flush did work, it's time to reassure yourself that although a toilet not flushing is definitely a problem, it's probably not a massive problem. Why? Because the flush system on your toilet is actually fairly simple.

The most likely problem is with a little rubber valve called the flapper, which is the part most directly responsible for the flushing action. Once you've located it, it may just need a clean. If a clean won't do it, you'll need a new one. But if you're really lucky, the connector between the flush button and the flapper may just have come loose.

4. It could be the overflow tube

Another potential problem, particularly if you sometimes hear the sound of trickling water coming from your toilet, is with a part called the overflow tube. While you're finding it, check that the float, the refill tube, the ballcock and the inlet-valve assembly all look good too.

What it could be, though, is the refill tube has gone too far into the overflow tube. You may also need to bite the bullet and buy an entirely new assembly for your cistern.

5. Or perhaps it's a dodgy seal

Count the seals in your toilet - because there are at least 5 in there. And if any of them are leaking, that will affect your flush. Unfortunately, changing them isn't particularly easy - and if the problem seal is the one under the toilet base, the leak could even damage the floor.

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