Outdoor Plumbing

Benefits of Working on Your Outdoor Plumbing this Spring

Why put off until tomorrow what you can get done today, especially when there is great benefits to be had? That’s the kind of attitude you should have when it comes to your outdoor plumbing.

Spending a small amount of time this spring can help to ensure that your plumbing will be efficient and leak-free. Curious about how to take care of your outdoor plumbing? Here is what you need to know.

How to Clean Your Gutters

Home GuttersIf you really want to protect your home from water damage, make sure your gutters are clean and clear at all times. They have an important job to do.

The gutters carry water to the downspouts so that it drains away from your home properly. If gutters are blocked, the water will drain closer to your home, which can cause leaks in your foundation and mold growth.

Inspect gutters often for damage and clean out using a broom (don’t use a hose because that just wastes water).

Faucet Check

Outdoor FaucetEven a small amount of water dripping from a tap can hike up your water bills and waste water. Don’t let that happen to you.

Place your thumb on the spigot and turn the water on to full. If water squirts past your thumb, you likely don’t have a leak.

If the water pressure is too low, you’ll be able to hold the water in. Other signs of leaks are mineral deposits on the faucets or rust.

Hose Repair

Outdoor HosesOver time your hoses will break or rip. Even a small tear will leak out lots of water, so you are well advised to repair even the tiniest flaw. Use a patch kit. If your hoses are particularly damaged, you should replace them altogether.

You can extend the life of your hoses by storing them properly. Work out the kinks. Roll in wide loops and hang on a hook in your garage. If it’s easier, use a hose caddy.

Irrigation Check

SprinklerHow is your irrigation system? If you see any pooling water, bubbling puddles or sunken patches you may have a leak in your waterline.

Open the valve boxes and check for moisture. If there is water inside, get help from your Mermaid Waters, Queensland plumber because you have a leak. Check the sprinkler heads for damage and replace or repair as needed.

Just follow our handy guide and you’ll begin to experience all the benefits of maintaining your outdoor plumbing.