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Tips to Keep Your Hot Water System Working

Are You Worried About Your Hot Water System? Follow These Four Tips to Keep It Working All Year Long!

faucet-hot-waterAre you a homeowner? Are you worried about annual maintenance of big appliances like your hot water system?

One thing is for sure, you don't want your hot water system to go out of service when you need it the most, so follow our four top tips for maintaining the health of your water heater, and then rest easy the rest of the year.

Put in a little work now for peace of mind later. Get started with these tips to keep your hot water system working:

Tip #1: Drain Your Hot Water Tank at Least Once a Year

It may feel like a pain at first, but it will be worth it in the end. You'll need to drain your hot water system at least once a year. Remember that you are draining hot water, so make sure it's not draining on your lawn. You can drain your water heater with a large bucket (5 gallons at least) or with a garden hose.

After the tank is empty, inspect it for dirt and debris and remove any you see by completing what is known as a "full flush." Turn down the water temperature, allow all the water to drain, then turn the water back on slowly to allow any lingering dirt to flush out of the tank.

Tip #2: Get Your Hot Water System Inspected Once a Year

It's really important to call in the professionals at least once a year to conduct a health check of your Gold Coast hot water system. This is not money wasted, as you're likely to face an even bigger bill if you have to call them when something goes wrong.

This always seems to happen during a holiday, doesn't it? And that just means more money down the literal drain. So call in your professional that you trust to assess how your hot water unit is doing and to help you learn how to make adjustments throughout the year.

Tip #3: Adjust the Temperature

If you want to save money on your water and heating bills, then it's wise to turn down the temperature of your hot water system. You can do this very simply with a screwdriver. Simply use the screwdriver to turn down the degrees from 120 degrees. For every 10 degrees you adjust your water temperature dial, you can expect to save about 5% in costs associated with heating it.

Another tip: If you have a vacation home or you are going to be away from your residence for four days or more, then you might want to turn down your hot water system temperature to the lowest setting. This helps save additional money in energy costs.

home-water-heater-maintenanceTip #4: Insulate Your Hot Water System

Finally, consider insulating your hot water system if you feel that you are not getting the proper reach out of your system. To do this, wrap your water heater in a foil blanket or foil-covered bubble wrap. You can buy this at your local home construction supply store, and you can secure the foil around the water heater just like a blanket and keep it in place with special foil tape.

Take note, however: You should not cover the top of your gas or oil heater with this foil covering. Be careful so that you do not start a fire by trying to insulate your hot water system.

Are you ready to get started with savings and comfort in your home? By following these quick and easy tips to maintaining your hot water system, you'll be on your way to not only getting water at a pleasant temperature, but you'll be saving money in the process.

Don't wait until something goes terribly wrong with your hot water system. Follow these simple maintenance skills right now for a savings and serenity throughout the year and the seasons to come, or call our licenced local plumbers today.