The Best Plumbing Tools to Keep Around the House

Even if you aren’t the most repair-savvy individual, there will be certain times when you will need to perform simple repairs in your house or flat. Knowing your way around some basic tools is the best way to save money on professional plumbing services and keep a better eye on your home plumbing system.


Here are our top three plumbing tools to keep around your home:

1. Caulkers or Caulking Guns

Caulking is a waterproof sealant that protects your bathroom and kitchen against water damage and mould. Caulking is typically used to seal cracks created by tiles or on your vanity or countertop. Over time, caulking can dry out and lose its effectiveness. At this point, you will need to install new caulking. Luckily, this job is simple, so it’s something you can DIY at home.

A caulker or a caulking gun allows homeowners to simply point the caulker on the area that needs caulking, pull a trigger and distribute the caulking. It comes out like toothpaste and creates a seal when it dries. The best part of caulking is that if you mess it up, you can easily peel the caulking off and try again, there is no danger of damaging your home.

2. Plungers

We recommend placing a plunger in each restroom of your home if you have more than one. Plungers are one of the most vital plumbing tools you can own for clearing blocked drains, and they will save you a lot of money and time. Simple clogs can frequently happen to your toilet, and it’s not always feasible to call a plumber for a professional repair. Using a plunger to dislodge simple clogs means you will be able to repair your toilet right away.

We recommend using the most basic plunger; it typically has a wood handle and a rubber cup or flange at the end. The basic model is best for creating a seal on your toilet bowl or drain. With a couple easy pumps, you can quickly dislodge simple clogs. If the clog persists, we recommend calling a professional to get to the root of the problem.

3. Shifting Spanner

The shifting spanner, which is sometimes called a shifter or wrench is a specialised tool that is designed to fit around round objects such as pipes. The shifter is designed with sharp teeth that grip the pipe, making it one of the most useful plumbing tools around. These adjustable spanners are ideal for opening up pipes or stemming the flow of water from a leaking pipe. There have been many incidents where a homeowner is able to use a pipe wrench to reduce the damage of an unexpected repair while they wait for a professional to arrive.

So there you have it, three tools that should be in your arsenal of plumbing tools. For jobs that require more than this, please call In Deep Plumbing on the Gold Coast.