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Leaking Tap? Learn How To Change A Tap Washer!

Is that drip-drip-drip of a leaking tap starting to get to you? Worried about the damage it might be doing to your plumbing? Expecting a super-high water bill? Feeling like you're wasting one of the world's most precious resources? Luckily in most cases all that's needed is to replace the tap washers.

What are tap washers? These small disks sit inside the tap and create a seal when you turn the tap off. With regular use, wear and tear can stop the tap washer from creating an effective seal and water starts to leak. You may have a washerless tap, but they are much less likely to leak.

While the friendly and affordable local Gold Coast plumbers at In Deep Plumbing can help with tap repair and replacement pretty much in their sleep, this is actually one of those few plumbing situations where some simple DIY is both legal and do-able.

So what are you waiting for? It sounds like it's time to learn how to change a tap washer and fix that leaking tap!

Changing a tap washer - our 9 steps make it simple!

So let's stop beating around the bush and get straight to it. Say goodbye to that tap leaking expensive water down your drain, and hello to the sort of DIY know-how you'll never forget:

1. Diagnose it

Is your tap dripping steadily and it improves when you turn it really hard? We'd bet money it just needs a new tap washer. Is your tap a washer-less one? If you're not sure, you may just lack the experience and confidence to proceed to step 3. So be honest and be cautious and only proceed if you're already fairly handy!

2. Get ready

Do you have a tool-shed? Inside, you'll find things like shifters, spanners, pliers and screwdrivers. If you don't have these tools, it's time to head down to the hardware store. Grab a couple of rags as well. Use one for setting down tools and parts to avoid scratching surfaces. Use the other to cover the sink drain so you don't lose anything down there, otherwise you'll be asking how to unblock a drain next drain clearing mission!

3. Turn the water off

If you try to fix a dripping tap without turning off the mains, you're about to have a very bad day! Not sure where your mains are? You'll most likely find it in the front yard with your water meter. Now, try to turn the tap on. Nothing coming out? You're ready to proceed. Water still flowing? It should stop quickly as the pipes drain. Otherwise, back out to the mains, matey!

4. Remove the handle

What's the handle? It's the part that you touch with your hands to turn the tap on and off. They all differ, so there are different ways to remove them. Most likely the tap has a button on to which you can gently pop off with a screwdriver or spanner. Following that you can slide off the handle.

5. Disassemble

With the handle off, next take off the tap shroud. You may need to grab your tools if there has been silicon sealant applied to it. Lastly, remove the body and the headgear - in that order. Now you should see the jumper valve and washer.

6. Replace the washer?

Is the washer visibly worn, split or broken? If so, there's your problem! If you've already been to the hardware store for tools, it's time to go back for a new washer. If you get there and you forgot to take the old washer with you, you'll have to go home to get it to ensure you're buying the right tap washer replacement. If you're unsure or buying the washers before disassembly then opt for a pack of assorted sizes.

7. Re-assemble

Remember when you disassembled the tap a few steps ago? Now it's time to put it all back together in reverse order. When you're done, turn the tap off - that will help you in the next step...

8. Well done!

Head back out to the mains and turn it on. Is that leaky tap no longer leaky? Congratulations are in order. Still got a major problem? We have one more step just for you...

9. Call In Deep Plumbing

If your leaking water tap is still a leaking water tap, there's only one thing left to do: call the friendly professionals at In Deep Plumbing. We are the local experts in every sort of tap repairs, servicing, replacements - and run-of-the-mill tap washer changing, of course! And if you're attempt at DIY has created a water-gushing nightmare, we can be at your place 24/7! Give us a call today.