Popular Plumbing Myths to Learn

We've all had it happen to us at one time or another. We've accepted a piece of advice from a well-meaning friend or family member only to regret it later. Sometimes, it's best to put your trust in an expert instead of depending on someone else's information that may or may not be true.

In the world of plumbing, we've encountered several popular myths that have misled countless homeowners.

"Don't Worry, Your Hot Water System Could Never Blow Up"

Actually, under the right circumstances, it can happen. Your hot water system’s tank is a sealed container designed to store and water. As the temperature of the water rises, the interior pressure also goes up. Without anywhere for that pressure to be released, the tank could potentially explode and cause devastating damage to your home.

Don't panic just yet. Your hot water system has a built-in safety feature to help prevent this from ever happening. It's called a TPR valve. TPR stands for temperature pressure release. This valve automatically opens and lets water escape through the drain tube when the internal temperature and pressure approach dangerous levels. An explosion can only occur if the thermostat is set too high and the valve is damaged or malfunctions.

So, to ensure the safety of your home it's a good idea to test the TPR valve regularly and to have a licensed local plumber service and maintain your hot water system every year.

"If Water Is Draining, It's Not Really a Clog and It's Not a Big Deal" 

Any blockage that impedes the draining water from your sink, shower, or bathtub has the potential of becoming a very serious problem. When hair, food waste, and other matter are sent down your drains, they can cause a build-up inside the pipes.

The more that build-up constricts the flow of wastewater, the more likely you are to eventually experience a completely blocked drain that could send dirty water back up into your home.

We always recommend you fix a blocked drain early to prevent serious problems later on. A qualified plumber may use an auger to clear out the material. In instances where the blockage is particularly difficult or beyond the reach of an auger, hydrojetting may be needed. Hydrojetting is the use of a highly pressurised stream of water sent down the drainpipes to blast away built-up gunk.

If you're the recipient of a piece of advice or information regarding your plumbing that you're unsure of, you can consult the friendly pros at In Deep Plumbing Gold Coast for clarification.