how to flush a water heater

How To Flush A Hot Water System

Ah, if only everything in life could be so easy! Did you know that learning how to flush a water heater isn't something you need to go to plumbing school for?

Is water heater maintenance even necessary?

Like most human-made things that cost a lot of money and we rely upon every day, wear & tear will eventually get the better of them. In the case of a hot water system, storage tanks that don't get flushed every year or so will eventually go wrong - because a few specks of sediment and mineral deposits from the tap water eventually becomes millions of specks until it all eventually calcifies and mucks up the entire unit.

If you need a Gold Coast plumber near you to help with a water heater flush, that's us here at In Deep Plumbing! We're also big on advice and information to help, so we're going to run you through the super-simple instructions for how to flush hot water heater technology with a storage tank in a jiffy.

So, just as your local plumbing regulations allow you to change a simple tap washer, here's how to easily and completely legally learn how to flush a hot water system simply by reading our helpful guide.

There are only 4 super-simple steps:

1. Turn off the water

You obviously don't want the water supply to be pumping fresh water in while you're trying flush it all out of the system, so start by turning the power supply off - whether it's the electricity or gas. It's alright to leave the gas pilot light on though, but first tell everyone in the house not to try to use the hot water.

The easiest way to turn the water off, meanwhile, is the mains supply control for the entire house.

2. Attach a hose

After turning the system off, make yourself a quick cup of tea because you don't want the water to be at the storage temperature of 60C when you flush it - because just a second or two of exposure will leave you with third degree burns.

After your tea, connect an ordinary garden hose to your system's drain valve. Before doing that, though, make sure the other end of the hose is exactly where you intend for the water to drain - like a drain or the garden.

3. Flush the hot water heater

To enable your tank to most efficiently drain the water, turn on a couple of hot water taps inside the house. Next, turn on the drain valve, and the torrent of water will begin to flush itself out via the garden hose. Be aware that the pressure could be quite high, so it might be a good idea to turn that drain valve on progressively.

4. Finish up

Once all the water has flushed itself out completely, remove the hose, close the drain valve, and switch the power and water back on. Fresh water completely free of sediment will now be automatically pumped back into the tank ready to be heated up again for a steaming hot bath or shower!

Need more water heater maintenance

We told you it would be simple! However, don't forget that there are other aspects to water heater maintenance, including hot water tempering valve checks, the hot water anode rod, and general hot water system components like the wiring, piping and body. For that, including system repairs and even full replacements with professional installation, give the friendly hot water system plumbing and maintenance team at In Deep Plumbing a call today!