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The 7 Major Types Of Taps Explained In Simple Terms

Take just a moment and think of a single object: a tap. Which tap type popped into your head? A pillar tap? The mixer tap styles? One with a traditional ball-type handle, or one with a lever? What sort of washer did it have inside? A normal one? A cartridge one? Aargh!

It's easy to see how difficult and overwhelming it can be for those who are in the market for new taps - because the choice can seem as endless as the different types of taps and the various specifications, styles and features.

So to help you get your head around this confusing topic, your trusted Gold Coast plumbers will give a quick run through the major water tap types ahead of your next round of tap shopping or renovations!

The 7 major types of taps ... explained!


pillar types of taps

1. Pillar taps

Close your eyes and think of those run-of-the-mill, standard tap types marked 'hot' and 'cold' - probably in a bathroom. That's the pillar type of tap, which is still popular in its modern form.


Mixer Taps

2. Mixer taps

If you have a modern kitchen or bathroom, it's very likely that you've got a mixer tap - a single tap nozzle that runs both hot and cold, or a custom temperature combo, depending on how you manipulate the handle or handles.


monobloc types of taps

Source: UK Bathrooms

3. Monobloc taps

The name might be unfamiliar, but this is really just a mixer tap variety - turn that single handle to the left for hotter, and to the right when you're thirsty for a cold glass of water.


compression tap

4. Washer taps

A plumber might actually call this a compression washer type of tap, and it's what you're hoping for if you want to easily change your tap washer when it's worn.


disc types of taps

5. Disc taps

But if your tap doesn't have a traditional washer, it might operate with the help of ceramic discs featuring holes that let the water in depending on how the handle is operated. If your tap is super-easy to turn on from nothing to full-blast, you may have one of the disc tap types.


ball taps

6. Ball taps

As for ball-style taps, you may find these in the garden - or even in a beer handle at the pub! The round appearance is because of the hollow ball on the inside that controls the temperature mix and the speed of the flow. The only issue with the super-simple operation is that they quite often leak.


cartridge taps

7. Cartridge taps

What distinguishes the cartridge type of taps is the inner workings - a cartridge. When it's operated to the left and right, that's your temperature control, while up and down is all about how strong the water flow is.

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Phew! That's a lot of taps - but the good news is that we've successfully covered all of the main ones. If you're still getting your head around all those different types of taps, the experts at the Gold Coast's best and most affordable plumber - In Deep Plumbing - are standing by right now and keen to help! We can offer friendly advice, repair your leaking taps, or get some shiny new ones flowing perfectly for you in a jiffy - so don't hesitate to give us a shout.