how to unblock a drain outside

How To Unblock A Drain Outside Like A Pro

Unblocking inside drains is a task many of us are pretty familiar with. You've dealt with a slow-draining sink or a clogged bathroom drain at some point, right? It's usually a straightforward fix - a bit of plunging, maybe some baking soda and vinegar, or, at worst, a quick call to a local blocked drain plumber for a short and cheap job. But when it comes to how to unblock a drain outside, it's a different ball game.

How to unblock drain pipe outside - Like an expert

These outdoor drains face unique and tricky challenges - from garden debris to harsh weather conditions - making them quite a bit more difficult to tackle. But don't let that totally overwhelm you. With the right approach and some insider know-how, you can become just about as do-it-yourself skilled at handling outdoor drain issues as well. It's never too late to learn and have a go, so let's dive into how to unblock outside drain problems with pro-level confidence.

Straight from the brains of the pros who know just how to do it, here are our top expert tips for learning how to unblock a drain pipe outside:

1. What's the blockage type?

Before we can deal with that blocked outside drain, we need to figure out what's causing the blockage. Is it leaves, silt, tree roots, or something else? A plumber would use a CCTV drain inspection camera for precision - a necessary step in understanding how to unblock a sewage drain outside, although clearly, that's not readily available to most homeowners.

2. Have you got the right tools?

For a blocked outside drain home remedy, the approach is different than indoors. For outdoor drains, for instance, the drain cleaning tools are quite a bit more robust. We're talking about drain rods, high-pressure water jetters, and more. Just be aware: they require skill and care because one wrong move and you can make the blockage worse or even damage the drain.

3. Safety first

Smart plumbers wear protective gear - gloves, goggles, sometimes even a full suit! That's because drain cleaning involves dealing with bacteria and waste, and safety is always the number 1 priority.

4. Always use the right technique

No, it's not quite as easy as pushing a rod down the drain. Effective outside drain unblocking involves feeling just the right amount of pressure to use, the angle of entry, and the specific technique for different types of blockages. Don't accidentally damage that drainage system!

5. Dispose of that debris

Once you've managed to dislodge the blockage, you'll need to properly dispose of the waste. It's not just a matter of scooping it up and throwing it in the bin - there are environmental and health considerations to think about.

6. Inspection & maintenance

After clearing the blockage, check out if you've accidentally cracked or damaged something. Unfortunately, this step does sometimes require specialised equipment and know-how to spot problems that might be ok today but could rear their ugly heads in the future.

7. Know when to stop

This is a critical pro tip - because there's a very fine line between clearing a blockage and causing a total plumbing nightmare! Plumbers know when to stop and reassess, and that's a judgment that comes with experience.

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Do these pro tips on how to unblock an outdoor drain seem manageable? Awesome! But please understand that the devil is always lurking in the details. To get each step just right, a level of expertise and experience is required - and it's just a fact that most homeowners simply don't have that. So while it's great to understand the process, it may well be best to leave it to the experts.

Closing advice: Your guide on how to unblock a drain outside

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