unblock a bathroom drain

6 Ways To Unblock A Bathroom Drain All By Yourself

What's your favourite - a hot steaming bath, or a long and hot shower? Either way, it's an essential part of your hygiene routine and incredibly soothing after a long day or workout - but both options will be ruined completely by a blocked shower or bath drain!

Unfortunately, a blocked bath or shower drain is not rare at all - in fact, it's one of the most common plumbing issues all over Queensland, the Gold Coast and far beyond. Luckily, though, there are plenty of warning signs before a total clog and a big mess completely ruins your bathing plans:

  • Bubbling toilet?
  • Water backing up into the bath, shower or sink?
  • Gurgling drains that are slow-to-drain?
  • Puddles near the bath, shower & sink?
  • Foul drain smells?

While the household plumbing system is amazing most of the time, like anything human-made it's not perfect. Unfortunately, a blocked bath or shower drain is particularly common because of all that soap, shampoo, hair, toothpaste and everything else that these drains need to handle every single day. On other occasions, it's a more fundamental problem that has got you searching for how to unblock a bathroom drain, including:

  • Broken or corroded pipes
  • Poor water pressure/flow
  • Bad pipe & plumbing installation.

How to unblock a bath drain all by yourself

But before you get too worried about needing to call in the professional drain cleaning cavalry, why not have a shot at learning how to unblock a shower drain all by yourself? A hopelessly blocked bath or shower drain doesn't mean the fix has to be overly difficult, so before turning to In Deep Plumbing's experienced team of fully-licensed bathroom plumbers, give these a go:

1. Baking soda

Actually, you'll need to mix that baking soda - which you may already have in the pantry - with ordinary white vinegar. It's a natural, eco-friendly, commercial chemical-free homemade cleaning brew whose fizz is well known for eating away at a bathroom blockage. Just tip half a cup of baking soda down there, follow it up with another half cup of vinegar, and let it sit & sizzle.

2. Commercial product

If your blockage needs something harsher, head to the cleaning aisle at the supermarket or hardware store. Just follow the instructions strictly and protect your skin, eyes and lungs.

3. Boiling water

That said, sometimes a kettle of boiling water is incredibly effective as well - especially on a blocked shower or bath drain where all that hair & skin is mixed up with soap & scum. For extra effect, keep doing it at least once a week and with a bit of luck that will stave off further problems.

4. Plunger

The trusty plunger is another tool every bathroom needs, and the reason it's less effective these days is because so many people have forgotten how to use them properly. The key is always a perfect seal for the full-whammy of suction, and an insider secret is to use vaseline around the edges of the plunger.

5. By hand

If you pull the drain cover off, can you actually see whatever is causing the blockage? It might be worth putting on a pair of rubber gloves and reaching in to see what you can fish out by hand - because it might just be a big ball of hair & gunk close to the surface that is causing the problem.

6. Coat hanger/drain snake

To get even deeper into the drain, simply open up a wire coat hanger with a hook at the end and go drain fishing! An even better option is a hand-held drain snake, which you can get from any decent hardware store very cheaply.

Unblock a bath drain with In Deep Plumbing

Sometimes, though, there just isn't a way to unblock any drains without calling in the experienced professionals! It's not just the skills, training and on-the-job practice that makes light work of any bathroom blockage, but the highly specialised tools & equipment they carry including CCTV drain inspection camera technology, motorised augers and ultra-high pressure water jetters. Here at In Deep Plumbing, we have it all - including fair upfront pricing, workmanship guarantees and a 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Is trying to figure out how to unblock a bathroom drain getting you down? Put all your clogged-up worries in the hands of the Gold Coast's plumbing specialists on bath & shower blockages here at In Deep Plumbing - we're standing by for your call today!