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Exclusive Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting Guide

Did you know that when Rinnai was founded in 1920, its first product was a pressurised oil stove? Today, this Japanese brand is now an Aussie favourite when all you want to do after a long, hard day is lay back in the bath or turn on the shower thanks to your reliable and equally hard-working Rinnai hot water system. But what if your Rinnai is on the blink? Welcome to In Deep Plumbing's exclusive Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting guide!

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Rinnai hot water heater not working?

What do you do when you need to do a bit of Rinnai troubleshooting? Pull out the big, thick manual specific to your tank storage, instantaneous, solar or heat pump Rinnai HWS? Call in the professional big-guns? If you've discovered your Rinnai hot water heater not working as it should, why not start at the easiest place possible? That would be our step-by-step guide to understanding the most common of all the Rinnai hot water heater problems.

Ready to give this a whirl? Grab a few basic tools, find that Rinnai manual, put on some safety gloves - and let's get started:

Step 1. Safety first

Never try to fiddle with a Rinnai - or any hot water system, including those experiencing Rinnai electric hot water problems - without turning the power and the gas off first.

Step 2. Check the user manual

There are a lot of Rinnai systems - the Infinity line of tankless heaters; the innovative Enviroflo heat pumps, the old faithful gas and electric storage tanks; and the cutting-edge Sunmaster solar range. Each model has its own specific manual, helpfully listing plenty of common issues and solutions - and even a dedicated troubleshooting section.

Step 3. Check for error codes

If you want to skip Step 2, we don't blame you! So let's check the unit's digital control panel and see if an error code is displayed. If you see one, look up what it means in the manual or on the Rinnai website. Here are a few really common ones to get you going:

  • Error Code 11 (Ignition Error): Is your gas turned off?
  • Error Code 12 (Flame Failure): Check your manual for the correct gas pressure setting
  • Error Code 25 (Automatic Circulation Problem): Is the circulation pump properly plugged in?
  • Error Code 61 (Fan/Airflow Problem): Is there dust or debris on the fan?
  • Error Code 79 (Water Flow Control Valve Problem): Try giving the valve a clean.

Bear in mind that Rinnai error codes go all the way from 02 to 99, so there are plenty of issues that could be occurring, including Rinnai gas hot water problems.

Step 4. Check the gas supply

Sometimes, a dead Rinnai HWS has a very simple explanation - like the gas supply valve being closed! Another common instant gas hot water system issue is that the pilot light has gone out, here's the steps you need to relight a gas hot water pilot light.

Step 5. Check the water supply

Another common problem is that, for some reason, your cold water supply valve has been closed - or partially closed. There may also be an obstruction in the water inlet filter, resulting in low water flow - and your Rinnai hot water system failing to fire up.

Step 6. Check the ventilation

Your Rinnai won't work well - or at all - without optimal ventilation, and it could be as simple as something that's blocked or dirty. Check the intake and exhaust vents, look for debris, leaves, dirt or damage, and when you've done a clean or a quick fix reset the system.

Step 7. Can you see any leaks?

You could be looking for more than just a few drops of water, or you might even be checking for the signs of a gas leak - like the familiar smell, hissing sounds, or visible vapour. If something's not right, stop everything try these tips for dealing with a leaking hot water system and call for professional help.

Step 8. Do a basic reset

You've heard that you press Control-Alt-Delete when your computer is stubbornly frozen, and you can do the same with a Rinnai system. Usually, it's as simple as turning the power/gas off, waiting a minute, and turning it all back on. But check the manual to be sure.

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Step 9. Call for professional help

When all else fails, rest assured In Deep Plumbing's hot water system repair team, with 20+ years of industry experience, is more than qualified to get your Rinnai back in working order or install a shiny brand new one.

Beyond Rinnai Troubleshooting With In Deep Plumbing

Did you go through our exclusive 10-step Rinnai hot water system troubleshooting guide? When something is beyond your DIY skills, protect your safety, your investment, your insurance and your sanity by giving the friendly team at In Deep Plumbing a call. We have years of experience dealing with all types of Rinnai hot water systems - old and new. Invest in peace of mind and enjoy guaranteed workmanship for life by calling the fully-licensed Gold Coast plumbers at In Deep Plumbing today.