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Queensland's Top 4 Questions About Gas Compliance Certificate Answered

Are you getting some gas work done at your place? In that case, it's probably time you got your head around the gas compliance certificate QLD.

Ask anyone in the know about Queensland's gas compliance rules - which are in place on safety grounds to ensure gasfitters and homeowners are following the rules - and they'll also tell you about gas certificates, plates and notices.

It can be confusing, so today we're responding to popular demand by answering a few basic questions: What is the gas certificate of compliance, do you need one for the work you're getting done, and - if so - how do you get one.

But first: A warning. In Queensland, and just about every other jurisdiction in Australia, there are hefty penalties for unlicensed gas work. Just last year, Maroochydore Magistrates Court handed out a $7000 fine for dodging licensed help and ultimately leaving a gas pipe without a cap on - which caused a leak and explosion that left someone seriously burned and injured. If the work had been done properly by the unlicensed gas fitter, a gas compliance plate would have been issued, certifying the proper completion and certified safety of the job.

Indeed, part of that gas work license in Queensland demands that the gasfitter in question must hand over a gas compliance certificate once any gas installation is completed. The gas fitter must in most cases also attach a gas compliance plate - with the proper mechanical stamp in adherence with the rules - to the gas system or modification.

The following information must be included:

  • The worker's gas work license/authorisation number
  • Installation date
  • Gas compliance reference number
  • Gas device type.

If you still have questions about the gas compliance certificate QLD and other gas work requirements, we don't blame you! At In Deep Plumbing, we've listened to your feedback and put together answers to your most pressing queries on the topic:

1. Where do you get a gas compliance certificate QLD?

Simple: from the licensed gasfitter. They'll also forward a copy to the network operator.

2. Do you really need one?

Yes! A bit of basic maintenance aside, all gas work in Queensland must be done by a licensed gas fitter - and if the work they do requires it, don't worry - they'll handle the certification.

3. Do you need a certificate and a plate?

We know it's confusing, but the plate is basically similar to the certificate - but a version that is actually physically attached to the gas installation. If your gasfitter needs to attach one, they'll put it on the inside door of the electrical meter box.

4. Should you take the risk?

If you're a keen and bold DIYer, please don't take the unsafe risk of doing your own gas work. Why? Firstly, it endangers your home and your family, but if the word gets out, the gas suppliers can switch off your gas supply and the government - as outlined above - can penalise and prosecute.

Call Gold Coast's masters of gas compliance

At the end of the day, if you choose your licensed, skilled, friendly and experienced gas fitters well enough, you won't need to worry about anything at all! At In Deep Plumbing, we aren't just the Gold Coast plumbers that you can trust with your pipes, drains and plumbing fittings - we're the Gold Coast's favourite gas fitters too! We'll fix & install your gas cooktop appliances, put in your gas lines, detect and remedy gas leaks - and take care of all gas compliance issues too!

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