The Virtues of World Water Day

World-WaterThis March 22nd, Australians will be joining others around the globe in recognizing World Water Day. This UN event was formed in 1993 with the goal of shining a spotlight on water resource challenges around the globe.

The latest data shows that 1 in 10 people lack access to clean water and the World Economic Forum now believes that the water crisis is the number one global risk in terms of the devastation it has caused and will continue to cause in future. In this latest post, we’ll highlight World Water Day and what you can do at home to minimize your local impact on water resources.

Water-dropThe Benefits of World Water Day

World Water Day has brought multiple benefits to people around the globe. It has provided more funding for research on water crises. It has formed the basis for dialogue on the subject of clean water access.

And it’s also helped create the platform for amplifying new ideas to resolve water access challenges. This year’s focus is on wastewater and reducing water waste across the globe.

What You Can Do

In your home, there are many actions you can take to help reduce the amount of water wasted across your local community. The following are examples of actions you can take to limit your water waste:

Use low flow toilets: Low flow technology has evolved considerably in recent years. You can now work with professionals to install low flow toilets that significantly lessen the amount of water wasted with each flush.

Running-shower-headTake shorter showers: Each 10-minute shower uses as much as 17 gallons of water. When you multiply that water waste by the number of people in your family, thereby could be hundreds of gallons of water being wasted in your home shower each month. By taking 5-minute showers instead of the usual 10, you can cut your water waste in half.

Speak with friends and family: Speaking with friends and family about the water access issues facing our society is a great way to bring more information to those in your social circle. You can also work with others to build community groups to educate children on how to achieve water efficiency in the home. This can help multiply the effect of your actions significantly.

Our team is here to help guide you in limiting your water use around the home. To learn more about water use efficiency, speak with our trusted Gold Coast, Queensland experts at (040) 329-3137.